About Us

Social Justice U is the online education platform of RESIST.

We're building a radical learning community committed to healing, justice, and liberation.

We just launched in March 2017, so we'll be adding a lot more courses over the coming year.

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RESIST is a media and education platform to fight oppression and support radical movements for love, justice, and liberation.

For us that means:

  • Recentering the voices and experiences of those who are marginalized even within anti-oppression movements
  • Strengthening the role of social justice movements in shaping mainstream culture, policy, and electoral politics
  • Doing the uncomfortable work of facing racism, sexism, classism, transphobia, and other forms of systemic oppression within our own movements
  • Providing practical tools, knowledge, and resources for radical activism and movement-building
  • Nurturing a social justice culture of connection, indispensability, and compassionate accountability

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